Great Options for Careers in Health and Fitness!

Are you exploring career options or looking for a professional change?  One career field that is growing daily is health and fitness.  The options are enormous.  From check in clerk at a local gym to neuro surgeon at a local hospital, careers in health and fitness require varying degrees of training and education. Begin your research by visiting local fitness facilities, speaking with personal trainer and health professionals.  The options are almost unlimited. Follow these tips for launching a successful career in the health and fitness field.

Research and make appointments to speak with the General Manager of the facility. Let them know you are exploring career opportunities and would like to know what type of training and certifications are required to work in that particular facility.  If you let them know up front that you’re not looking for a job, but information and mentoring, they’ll be more apt to accept an appointment.

Take stock of your own personal health. Are you is shape?  Does your lifestyle represent one that clients would want to emulate? If you can’t answer that question in the affirmative with confidence and honesty, then you might want to spend some time in the gym to get in shape and experience the journey first hand. You’ll be much more successful in motivating clients if you have your own success story to tell. In addition, you’ll also be more likely to land a job in your chosen fitness field if you’re in good health and good shape.

Before you quick your current job, begin to get the training and licensing required to work in a facility.  In a round about way, you could also consider joining the facility where you’d like to work and get to know both the staff and the clientele. This will also give you a first-hand sense of what it’s like to work in a gym or fitness facility every day. No doubt your research, contacts and motivation will pay off as you begin the steps for a career change. Good luck on your journey!

Author: Belly Alastair

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