How to Find Work in Kuching, Malaysia

To help build its economy, Malaysia tries to attract expatriates from western countries to move there for work. The nation has attracted many multinational corporations to its modernised cities, so there are many opportunities for people who have a good education to find work. If you’re considering moving to Kuching, here are some ways you can find work.

Where Is Kuching?

Kuching is the largest city in the state of Sarawak, which is on the island of Borneo. It has a population of about two and a half million people. The main industries in Borneo are tourism and agriculture, so the opportunities may be limited for some expats moving there. Most people relocating to Malaysia stay on the mainland because there are more opportunities and it is easier to get around than it is on Borneo.

Looking for Work

to how you would look for work anywhere else—search online job boards or work with an employment agency. It is important to prepare a CV with up-to-date information so it is ready when you find jobs you are interested in. Search online for employment agencies with which to work and send them your CV before relocating so that when you get to Malaysia, you’re ready to consider positions they may have found for you.

There are several online job boards advertising openings in Kuching and other cities in Malaysia. However, you should be aware that as an expatriate, the best way to find work is to find a position with a multinational corporation. Being transferred to the country is preferable, but if not, try to find employment with a company with connections to your homeland.

Most online job sites allow you to search for the type of work you have experience in and select parameters with which to narrow your selections. You can select the type of work you want and your experience level and select postings according to when they were uploaded to the job site. This helps to refine your searches so you don’t spend hours looking through ads you have no interest in.

Work Restrictions

One reason it is best to try to work for a multinational corporation is because of the restrictions on foreign employees Malaysian companies must abide by. They can only hire a limited number of non-Malaysian workers, but companies owned by foreign entities don’t have those restrictions. Obtaining a visa to work in the country is easier if you already have a job lined up before getting to the country, so it is best if you transfer with a company or look for work before relocating.

If you are well educated and have experience in fields such as IT, engineering, finance, or oil and gas, then finding work in Malaysia shouldn’t be difficult. However, it might be more challenging, though not impossible, in Kuching. Research the area and send your CV to companies with ties to your homeland when looking for work in Kuching or other cities in Malaysia.

Author: Belly Alastair

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