Appco’s Human CommercialTM: A dynamic approach to face-to-face sales

With operations in nearly 30 countries around the world, Appco Group is a highly successful marketing and sales specialist. One of the things that helps to set the company apart is its unique take on customer interactions. Dubbed the Human CommercialTM, its innovative approach was developed by Appco founder and chairman Chris Niarchos. Here, we take a look at this dynamic methodology and examine the reasons why it’s proved to be so powerful.

What is it?

Sometimes, it’s assumed that sales is a one-way process that simply involves companies delivering scripted messages to potential customers. In reality, these interactions tend to be much more complex, and the Human CommercialTM is a classic case in point. This approach is about providing people with tailored information that’s relevant to their particular interests and concerns. It’s much more than simply selling to people. Rather, it involves respecting customers and ensuring they have the best possible experiences when they are being presented with information.

The self-employed brand ambassadors in the Appco network respond to consumers’ questions and engage with them in an open and friendly way, which helps to make these conversations enjoyable and engaging. It also ensures that people are fully informed about the products or services being offered, meaning they can make confident purchasing decisions.

Why it’s worth the effort

This style of personalised engagement with potential customers does require more effort than simply reading from scripts and providing generic information to consumers. It means that brand ambassadors need to have in-depth knowledge of the products or services they are representing, as well as an ability to relate to potential customers in a natural, engaging way. However, it’s well worth making the effort. People tend to respond much more positively when they are treated as individuals and provided with information that’s tailored to their own interests and priorities. In turn, this can lead to higher levels of sales and it can enhance companies’ reputations.

The Human CommercialTM is a tried and tested approach and it’s one that has helped Appco to cement its reputation at the forefront of face-to-face sales. is also an expert in fundraising activities and has worked with a variety of charities around the world. You can find out more about the fundraising activities of work with the RAF.

Author: Belly Alastair

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