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To many people from older generations, it would seem that the early 21st century is an information minefield that is all about personal branding and instant fame. Networks like YouTube have given us “stars” who have taken their fifteen minutes of fame and run with it to make millions. Likewise, social media behemoths like Instagram have also provided us with a way to engage with friends and family through a visual language. For all of the chaos and noise, these new platforms are providing individuals with a real way to build a personal brand.


Surviving in the Wild

For sole traders and individuals looking to convert skills and talents into cash flow, taking advantage of the promotional opportunities inherent in social media platforms such as Instagram is absolutely essential. If this is the Age of Information, it is also the Age of the Entrepreneur. Independent voices have discovered that social media is a powerful tool in the journey to enhance personal brands and gain millions of potential customers and clients.

Here is how Instagram in particular helps entrepreneurs to convert their talents into real businesses that make money:

  • Visual language: Recent studies conclude that engaging with the web has actually reprogrammed our brains to scan more and read less. Though this is not without problems, the visual language of Instagram fits squarely into an online world that promotes browsing and scanning rather than dwelling on a topic. The concept of the social media feed provides a quick fix for social media account followers. By leveraging the power of the visual language inherent in Instagram, you can build an attractive brand very quickly and appeal to the modern mindset that browses rather than dwells.
  • Diverse channel opportunities: In the past, marketing was restricted to only the traditional media of print advertising. Social media has presented us with a slew of additional marketing opportunities that did not previously exist. An individual or business can leverage the visual power of Instagram through photos and short videos, use the reach of Facebook to target a global audience, and use Twitter to engage in real-time conversation with customers. Each platform offers distinct strengths and by diversifying media channels, you can take advantage of these strengths.
  • Real-time engagement: Real-time engagement regardless of time and place is possible through platforms like Instagram. The fact that many of us now carry these platforms around with us on our smartphones means that any business or entrepreneur can reach us directly on our phones with a simple post notification.
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Gaining Followers

and followers on other social media platforms is of serious consideration for those looking to leverage the power of these channels for branding opportunities. Rather than approach it in a haphazard and disorganised manner, it is important to identify and execute a strategy. Social media platforms provide useful metrics and information about other people on the network. By using this inbuilt network information, it is possible to gain followers who can be converted into real customers.

Author: Belly Alastair

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