5 questions all HR professionals need to ask during an interview

Working in human resources is one of the most stressful positions a person can have. Demands, requests and attention comes from every which way and many times the contributions of the HR department go unnoticed. Of course, anyone who knows anything about the inner workings of the business world understands that human resources are the heartbeat of most companies.

Sometimes a lack of recognition coupled with unrealistic demands can see some professionals yearn for a new place to work. However, sometimes the grass isn’t always greener and a person might find himself or herself in a worse position than when they started. In order to avoid this, HR professionals should ask these five questions during a job interview.

1.) Does the company value human resources?

In reality, almost all interviewers will answer yes, however, what they say after this is important. Do they simply throw out some generic platitudes when it comes to HR’s role at the company or do they actually see it as playing an important part? Be sure to listen carefully to how this question is answered to get a better understanding if they believe HR is ends to a mean or means to an end.

2.) Why is this job available?

Some people do not like asking this question, but it is vital for HR people to know why the position is available. That’s because it can shed light into how the company treats its HR personnel. For example, if the HR person is leaving after 20 years of service, it shows the company has created a positive environment for HR. However, a red flag should be raised if the job is available because the last person left after three months.


3.) Will there be duties outside of the job description?

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in human resources is the fact that any task that falls outside of other employees’ job descriptions almost always ends up in their laps. It is good to establish if the HR department is allowed to focus on what it needs to be doing or is inundated with odd jobs no one else in the office wants to do.

4.) How’s the filing system?

If there are files spread out all across the office that have not been filed with any particular rhyme or reason, chances are it is not a good place to work at from an HR perspective. Given that HR must store and file hundreds of documents on a weekly basis, filing is incredibly important and any good organisation will understand this.

5.) What has been done to help the HR department in the past?

If a company truly cares about its HR personnel, it will be willing to invest in the department whether it be in the form of additional employees or technology upgrades. If no investment has taken place recently, chances are none is planned for the future.

Ready to take the next step? . And remember, ask these questions during an interview to see if the company actually values HR and is a good fit for you.

Author: Belly Alastair

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