Divide the Space, Not the Employees: Partitions as an Answer to Your Office Floor Plan Needs

Give your employees the best opportunity to succeed and flourish in the office by providing some privacy in the workplace. While open office floor plans are great for maximising space and providing managerial oversight, they can be distracting for employees who need silence or extra space in order to produce quality work. Individual rooms fail to maximise the area of your office space. Installing partitions throughout the office is a great way to create some extra personal space for your employees, without sacrificing the highest possible functionality of the space.

Partitions Are the Good Middle Ground

In many ways, partitions strike the perfect middle ground between an open floor layout and actual separate offices. An open office layout can be loud and distracting. These layouts encourage employees to communicate, but also facilitate arbitrary personal conversations that lead to decreased efficiency. This might be a huge detriment to your core business goals.

Installing partitions still allows employees to communicate with one another, problem solve as a group, discuss projects, and build relationships. But at the same time, the employee must go out of their way to facilitate an in-depth conversation. An employee must overlook the partition or walk around it to have a conversation, which tapers the gossip and idle chitchat often found in an open office spaces.


On the other hand, individual offices can be expensive to construct and stifle communication and collaboration. Employees are less likely to exchange ideas through face-to-face interactions when the vector of closing a door is present. They are able remove themselves from the rest of the business. Partitions offer the privacy and personal space that employees often need to concentrate on their work, without losing the sense of camaraderie of an open floor plan.

Partitions Are Quick to Construct and Cheap to Move

Most partitions are constructed from lightweight, sturdy panels that block some sound and allow for some privacy. Professional companies can quickly and efficiently construct most partitions. This allows you to renovate your office in a short timeframe. Depending on the size of a space and number of partitions, the can often have your new space set up within a day. Your employees will be back in their normal workspace faster than with other, more time-consuming office renovations.

Design and construction companies offer partitions in a number of different styles and materials. Glass can allow for more natural light throughout the office, but also increases the possibility of visual distractions. A fabric covering can also absorb sound and come in a myriad of colours or designs. Alternatively, plasterboard is a great way to create different sized cubicles with a contemporary look. No matter the requirements of your business, there is a partition to fulfil your needs.

Perhaps one of the best benefits partitions offer in the workspace is the flexibility to alter and remodel the layout, even after the initial installation. While durable, these partitions are not permanently affixed to the floor or ceiling. This is a great way to plan for the future, as partitions allow for more flexibility in utilising your current office space, even as your company grows and your team expands. This makes them a cost effective space solution, both at the time of construction and also down the road.

Author: Belly Alastair

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