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Have you had enough of your couch potato, binging watching lifestyle?  The less you do, the more tired you become. We hear about a sugar high – but seldom about a sugar low. Between the high sugar sodas, major carb consumption and sedentary lifestyle, it’s no wonder that you’re constantly fatigued. You need to put good energy sources in your body if you expect to make any substantial changes. Bag the carbs and high sugar soda. Give yourself 4 days to go through the sugar withdrawal and you’ll be amazed at how much energy you have by taking that step alone! Try a protein shake from Medifast as a substitute for sugary drinks. also has great deals to save you money on the shakes!

Get off the couch. Walk around the house. Buy a fitness smart band and walk around the yard. Walk the dog or clean the bathroom. The point is simply to get moving. Bend and stretch. Begin to use your muscles. If you’ve been a couch potato for an extended period of time, start out slow and don’t expect immediate results.  The first result you will see is an increase in energy which will allow you to move even more. Find a partner to walk with and exercise with. Don’t feed into the intimidation of a gym if you’re not ready. Fill those old soda bottles with sand and start with biceps curls during commercial breaks!

It’s now time to purge the pantry. After a week of moving and eliminating sodas from your diet, you’ve begun to see a big change in your body. Start thinking about quality foods and portion sizes. If your freezer is a frozen food avalanche, make a donation to the local pantry.  One way to stay moving in the evenings is to cook healthy meals. Thirty minutes of cooking is equivalent to 2000 steps. Buy fresh food and learn how to cook it. Don’t try to get too fancy at the beginning or you’re apt to give up out of frustration. Find a simple cooking website and follow the directions for healthy cooking.

Lifestyle changes happen in increments. Anything worth sustaining is worth building up to. Good luck on our journey to a new healthy lifestyle!


Author: Belly Alastair

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